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Haven Builders offers a wide variety of concrete options, from patios to driveways to pads. In addition to concrete pouring, we also offer concrete staining and sealing, as well as revitalization. Our quality craftsmanship is unmatched, and our service is unbeatable. Please feel free to browse our concrete options below, along with our transparent pricing. Contact us for a FREE estimate!



Average price: $1,600

A concrete patio comes with several options: broom or stamped finish, and stained/sealed or natural. 

Grey house exterior with two garage spac


Average price: $4,600

A driveway comes with single-car, double-car (priced), or extension options, as well as various finishes and stains.

Concrete around Pool.jpg


Average price: $2,800

A concrete pad or slab has multiple purposes: shed or shop building, basketball court, swimming pool, etc. 

Green meadow divided by rough stone walk


Average price: $800

A concrete walkway comes with several options: broom or stamped finish, as well as a stained or natural appearance. 

Close up Outdoor floor cleaning with hig


Average price: $500

Revitalizing old concrete can bring it back to life. Options include power-washing, resurfacing, staining, and sealing.

modern wooden stairs on grey concrete wa


Average price: $1,500

A custom concrete project has an unlimited amount of possibilities. This ranges from stairs to floors to fire-pits.

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